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Shutters and Claws by Bradley Eros

Bradley Eros, ‘magenta space’, 1988.

(images courtesy of http://www.no-w-here.org.uk)

The octopusmachine oozes into sight in the grotto-booth, its monstrous presence ignored by the horse-blindered staff, but is secretly enamored & slobber-obsessed over by the geek-pirates called projectionists. The hard-candy shell shields the lacquered guts of the mollusc-plastique of this cephaloped-celluloid, that is, its insectoid-slime secretions that constitute the cinema-viscera. This intestinal skin is dragged through the digestive tract of rotary blades & greased gears scratched by the lobster arm of the stuttering shuttering-claw that blinks incessantly through its Cyclops-orb. These frissons of horror admit to the sublime ejaculate of eruption as the tentacled lights sputter & spill all manner of haunted danse-macabre on the milky cave wall of our dark nautilus chamber. From the oily Medusa-machine, our optical-oedipus, illuminations expell through the orifice like a vacuum in reverse, a chimera shitting its inky spew in sphinctal-negative. Here the light-jets entangle the crystallized veins of subterranean eyes caught in the catacombs of the ocula-beast. 

(Italics and font colour remain faithful to the original)

 Bradley Eros, ‘Chinese Nightingagle No.2, 2008

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