Anton Giulio Bragaglia – Futurist Photodynamism 1911

‘We love and we observe reality in its fatal and vital motion’ – Anton Giulio Bragaglia

Futurist Photodynamism 1911

 Bragaglia’s article on photodynamism is something that I’m working on at the moment in conjunction with ideas on material affect.  Bragaglia’s approach to the photographic image anticipates a visual condition in photography that German art historian Franz Roh later attempts to theorise with his work and the written preface in Foto-Auge (1929). Along with commentary by artists such as Cocteau, Man Ray, Atget, Boiffard, Ubac, Ernst, Magritte and Buñuel, Bragaglia’s ‘manifesto’ helps us to understand the potential of photographic and film arts for capturing what lies below and within the real – the theory of visual interiority. 

Project MUSE – Futurist Photodynamism 1911.


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